William G. Fateley Student Award

The William G. Fateley Student Award is given by the Coblentz Society annually to recognize outstanding contributions to vibrational spectroscopy during a current Ph.D. program. William G. (Bill) Fateley was among the first winners (1965) of the Coblentz award, and worked tirelessly to promote the Pittsburgh Conference and FACSS. Author of more than 350 publications and recipient of numerous other awards, he returned to his alma mater, Kansas State University, as chairman of his department in 1972 and served there until his retirement 1997 and beyond. He served as the Editor of Applied Spectroscopy for 20 years, and served as mentor to a generation of spectroscopists.

For more information on the William G. Fateley Student award go to: https://sites.google.com/a/coblentz.org/coblentz/awards/william-g-fateley-student-award

William G. Fateley Student Award Winners

Year Name
2017 David Bryce
2016 Mustafa Unal
2015 Marie Richard-Lacroix
2014 Chris Huber
2013 Tomasz P. Wrobel
2012 Xiaohua (Sarah) Zhou
2011 Rohith Reddy
2010 Ali Eftekhari-Bafrooei