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  Federation of Analytical Chemistry and Spectroscopy Societies


Membership in FACSS is open to qualifying non-profit organizations. No restriction is placed on geographical location and membership is open to organizations world-wide.

FACSS is charged with supporting the exchange of ideas at the forefront of analytical sciences and provide an international forum in which representatives of academic, industrial, and government institutions, from diverse scientific disciplines, that can participate and cooperate in an effort to confront the challenges of complex analytical problems and share their knowledge.

Because FACSS is a federation of member organizations, individual membership is not possible. FACSS, however, is volunteer-based and any individual who would like to become more involved in FACSS should contact the FACSS International Office (details in footer).

There are several options available for supporting this charge. Generally speaking the core parts of meetings sponsored by FACSS will have a strong scientific program, industrial/commercial component (commonly an exhibit), and social events.


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