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 Federation of Analytical Chemistry and Spectroscopy Societies

Charles Mann Award for Applied Raman Spectroscopy

The Charles Mann Award is presented to an individual who has demonstrated advancement(s) at a conference presented by FACSS in the field of applied Raman Spectroscopy and/or demonstrated dedication to the advancement of the Raman spectroscopy program at a conference presented by FACSS and/or the ASTM Raman subcommittee.


The Charles Mann award for Applied Raman spectroscopy was instituted by FACSS in 2002 following the untimely death of Professor Charles (Charlie) Mann. Professor Mann was a well-known and long-standing member of the faculty of Florida State University (FSU). Professor Mann and his faculty colleague, Professor Tom Vickers, contributed significantly to the development of analytical Raman spectroscopy via publications, participation at numerous meetings including the annual FACSS meeting, and participation in the ASTM sub-committee on Raman spectroscopy E13.08. Professor Mann’s research areas covered from the fundamental including data analysis (chemometrics and databases), quantitative Raman, and instrumental understanding to the applied, polymers, inorganics, etc.

Nomination Process

Information for those individuals wishing to nominate candidates for the Charles Mann award along with the applicable requirements and timeline are given in the pdf file below. Nominations may be sent to the committee members listed or to the FACSS International Office.

Mann Award Summary PDF

Charles Mann Award Recipient 2018

Andrew Whitley has concentrated his career in vibrational spectroscopy product development and sales. He is currently the Vice President of Sales and Business Development at HORIBA Scientific in New Jersey, where he has worked since 2000. Prior to this he was the US Raman Product Manager at Renishaw. He also worked for Renishaw in the UK and prior to that he was at Bruker during the FT-Raman breakthroughs of the early 1990’s. Andrew was recently promoted to Vice President of Business Development and remains responsible for sales at HORIBA Scientific in the US. In his current role Andrew is responsible for marketing at HORIBA Scientific, and in this capacity is charged with ensuring important applications and opportunities for product development are identified and properly assessed. This role requires networking and collaboration across a wide range of customers and markets to accurately monitor market needs and opportunities. The opportunity for dedicated application products using spectroscopy are evolving and emerging at a rapid rate with the advancement of spectroscopy and spectroscopy components. This is an exciting role and time. During the last fifteen years Andrew has been involved in the marketing and development of key Raman products including the LabRAM IR - combined Raman/FT-IR microscope, the LabRAM ARAMIS fully automated Raman microscope, the LabRAM HR NANO combined Raman/AFM tool, the cost effective XploRA Raman microscope and the LabRAM Evolution. Most recently the MacroRAM and AnyWhereRaman bench top Raman systems were released at the beginning of 2018. Andrew is also excited to be involved in the development and application of the new fluorescence technique of Absorbance-Transmittance Excitation Emission Matrices (A-TEEM). The recent acquisition by HORIBA of AIST-NT Inc. an advanced and growing AFM company, based in Novato, CA is resulting in exciting application and product developments in both AFM and nano-spectrocopy. Andrew has authored and co-authored many papers, articles and book chapters describing the use of Raman spectroscopy and other spectroscopic techniques for research and applied applications in academia and industry. Every year Andrew presents at numerous scientific conferences. He is a regular participant, presenter and session organizer at SciX (FACSS), Pittcon, EAS and numerous other conferences and meetings in the US and Europe. Since moving to the US in 1995 Andrew has been very active with both the Society of Applied Spectroscopy (SAS) and SciX (FACSS). Andrew has organized and helped organize numerous Scientific sessions at SciX over the years including many Raman sessions, of course, but also AFM/Raman, nano-spectroscopy, GD-OES and fluorescence sessions. Since the end of 2017 Andrew has been the Marketing Chair for SAS responsible for the membership, publicity and web (including social media) committees – in general, all communications with members about SAS. He is currently working closely across all areas of SAS to help make the 60th Anniversary of SAS celebrations and events a success. This includes special SAS sessions and an extra special member’s event at SciX in Atlanta in October. 2018 is a very good year to be a member of the Society for Applied Spectroscopy. Andrew was born and educated in the UK. His qualifications include BSc(Hons), Dunelm, Chemistry and MPhil. Ph.D. “Vibrational Spectroscopic Studies on the Model Lubricant 2-Ethylhexyl Benzoate”, both degrees were obtained at the University of Durham in the UK. Andrews professional memberships include the Society for Applied Spectroscopy, the Coblentz Society, the Royal Society of Chemistry and the UK Infrared and Raman Discussion Group. Outside of career obligations, Andrew enjoys spending time with his wife, Catherine, family, Andrew has four children, and friends. A supporter of the Nottingham Forest football team and the San Francisco Giants baseball team, Andrew often attends games in his spare time. He also enjoys bowling, music, and travel. Since moving to New Jersey in 1999, Andrew appreciates summers by the shore, listening to live music and drinking a pint. He is British, after all.

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